I come from a family with proud military roots. My brother was deployed to Iraq several times, and my cousins, my uncle, and my grandfather have all served our country with distinction.

While the number of soldiers currently serving in the United States Armed Forces has dropped below 1% of the total population, there are 22,000 veterans who make Cumberland County home. That is nearly 10% of our county’s population, and it reflects upon our community’s support of the ultimate service.

ABC 27 recently ran a story regarding the sales of hunting licenses, a duty of the County Treasurer. Current fees (set by the Pennsylvania Game Commission) state that Disabled Veterans (DVs) with 100% disability are granted free licenses. DVs at 60-90% as well as all active-duty personnel are sold discounted licenses at $2.90.


As County Treasurer, I’d like to work with Cumberland County’s Veterans Affairs department and other supportive citizens to create a non-profit board to fund the cost of these discounted licenses, with the long-term goal of providing all of our military heroes with complimentary licenses.

This is not about the $2.90 cost. Most of our veterans can afford that. This is acknowledging that those who have or currently are in the Armed Forces have already paid with their service to our country. Providing free hunting licenses should be something that we could afford as well.


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