As a professional who is used to juggling many responsibilities at once, Jake is ready to lead as Treasurer from day 1.

This includes many of the traditional roles, from collecting the funds, to investing and protecting the county’s valuable assets, to ensuring all of the county’s employees are paid in a timely manner.

This also means maintaining a robust retirement system, bond rating, and providing insight and working as part of the team alongside the Controller, Director of Finance, and County Commissioners.

Additionally, the Treasurer acts as an agent of the Commonwealth, helping residents of Cumberland County to secure dog licenses, fishing licenses, hunting licenses, and boating registration as well as guiding community organizations in bingo and small games of chance licensing. While many of the county row offices are specialized, the Treasurer’s office is the one most citizens have interacted with most. Jake takes that seriously.

So far, the County has begun to streamline services by increasing the office’s online presence. As County Treasurer, Jake Miller envisions his office being reflective of 21st century needs. Nobody enjoys a meeting that should be an email, and nobody enjoys waiting for a paper copy that could have be completed online.

Most of all, Jake seeks to empower the community on knowledge of the budget by turning it into an interactive infographic. This will both increase transparency and help hold our elected officials accountable.

Jake is ready to serve you as your treasurer.