If I’ve learned anything while running for office, it would be there is an inverse correlation between the amount of light shed on government operations and the potential for problems. With that in mind, as County Treasurer, I am seeking to make the most transparent and easily accessible budget in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. This means:

  • In the short-term, I would like to release monthly treasurer’s reports (or greater) for the public to view. I would also like to meet with the commissioners, row officers, and other leaders to encourage them to disclose their budgets on the regular
  • In the long-term, make a clickable infographic that is easily navigable by department and source
  • In the longer-term, create a digital program where any citizen can go on and access any source of revenue or expenditure. If you want to see what the light bill cost in the courthouse, there should be a means to that

All along the way, I would also like to work with the controller’s office to provide a narrative behind the numbers. It is very easy to say “this cost more this year compared to last, so we need to slash the budget.” However, if we examined why costs are rising in places like the criminal justice system (which they are), we should note that we are helping members of our community suffering from the opioid crisis or protecting children and women from their assailants.

I am, in no way shape or form saying that our government is rife with problems. I am simply noting that the more transparent a government (especially with its finances), the less the change there ever will be.

Jake Miller is the Democratic candidate for Cumberland County Treasurer. Miller is a Cumberland Valley teacher and former State Senate aide. He is an award-winning writer and speaker, a leader in his local education association, and actively involved at Trinity Lutheran Church in Camp Hill. Miller serves as Judge of Elections in Hampden Township, where Jake, his wife, and their two children call home.

To learn more about Jake’s campaign for County Treasurer, visit www.MrJakeMiller.com.