Last night I sat in bed for a few hours just as things swirled through my head.

“There’s so much to do…”

That rippling current ebbs and flows at the forefront of my mind and attention, even at 4am.

But my secondary thought is, “This is exhilarating.”

Now that I’ve launched my first campaign, the most enjoyable thing has been meeting people. From Carlisle Mayor Tim Scott telling me that he loves my website / platform and wants to donate to my campaign (we should be launching our donation page tomorrow) to meeting the folks who’ve held up the infrastructure of the party for years, to talking to people in other counties, to seeing Jean, Kate, and Michael give voters choices in the Commissioners’ race, to friends who don’t often vote encourage me, it’s been fun.

But, don’t get me wrong; I’m not naive enough to doubt tougher times aren’t ahead. We’re in our echo chambers, hearing from others who “think much like we do.” The hard part is getting out there and talking to everyone, and that means hearing a healthy mix of democratic opinions – including ones that sometime question your own (and rightfully so).

I’ve taught about democracy. I’ve served in elected government. I’ve volunteered on campaigns. I’ve counted the votes. But this is Ground Zero for me. While I’m physically drained, I’m smiling from ear-to-ear as I tuck in my kids a bit tighter tonight.

See you on the campaign trail.