Earlier this month, Jake Miller met with members of the Courthouse’s financial team, and he was pleased to learn that there is plenty of teamwork between the offices of the Commissioners, Controller, and Treasurer. He remains committed to that vision, but wants to explore ways to enhance communication and collaboration so they remain a priority for county-wide government.

“One of my first goals as County Treasurer will be to convene members of the financial team and IT department,” said Miller. “Starting day one, I want to work together optimize what we already have while exploring other initiatives and their possible benefits.”

Miller acknowledged the importance of working between offices and across party lines to serve the taxpayer is mission number one.

“If there are ways to reduce turnaround, maximize collections, and continue to keep our county on a sound fiscal path, that’s where we all should go together,” said Miller.

Jake Miller is a candidate for Cumberland County Treasurer. Miller is a Cumberland Valley teacher and former State Senate aide. He is an award-winning writer and speaker, a leader in his local education association, and actively involved at Trinity Lutheran Church in Camp Hill. Miller serves as Judge of Elections in Hampden Township, where Jake, his wife, and their two children call home.

To learn more about streamlining government, visit: https://www.mrjakemiller.com/issues/streamlining/