NFL player, radio host, and former Republican State Senate candidate Jon Ritchie has endorsed Jake Miller for Cumberland County Treasurer.

Regarding the endorsement, Ritchie said:

“I respect Jake Miller’s diligence, intelligence, and his mission to positively impact our community. As a teacher, he’s shown commitment and integrity in empowering our children. As a leader, he believes good government knows no political party. As County Treasurer, Jake Miller will continue to lead with Cumberland County’s future in mind.”

Jake Miller responded to the endorsement:

“I’ve watched Jon Ritchie tackle challenges on the football field and on the campaign trail. No matter the odds or outcomes, Ritchie exhibits passion, heart, and a sense of mission for those around him. I’m humbled to receive his endorsement.”

Jake Miller is the Democratic candidate for Cumberland County Treasurer. Miller is a Cumberland Valley teacher and former State Senate aide. He is an award-winning writer and speaker, a leader in his local education association, and actively involved at Trinity Lutheran Church in Camp Hill. Miller serves as Judge of Elections in Hampden Township, where Jake, his wife, and their two children call home.

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