I am pleased to announce that, earlier this week, I filed my petitions with Cumberland County to appear on the ballot.

A sincere thank you to my neighbors, friends, and family for joining 877 others to promote me as an official candidate. However, if there’s one major lesson I have thus far learned on the campaign trail, it is simply that I cannot do this alone. While I attended dozens of meetings and knocked on more than a hundred doors, I would not have met the minimum threshold to become a candidate on my own. It was only with help from folks like you that we have met our first accomplishment.

There is no time (or even a reason) for a victory lap. There is work to do!

The only thing I have ever sought in this job – or any other that I’ve held – is to serve our community, and I will need your help to do that. This will be evident from here until November 5th. We have 66 days until the Primary and 234 until the General Election. I hope you’ll join me by contributing to or volunteering for my campaign. We have a bipartisan movement of little “d” democracy to undertake, and a mission of accountability and transparency.

Look forward to introductory parties in the West Shore and Carlisle regions, as well as canvassing opportunities. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support thus far.