This past weekend was a great success with our Mutts for Miller event at Willow Park in Camp Hill. We had plenty of vendors and even more friends and fidos turn out, including my new friend Harry (who I’m pictured with at right).

While we didn’t let the rain tear down our parade, it reminds me just how important dogs and pups are to families, and I want to be your Dog-Friendly Treasurer.

When I first got my dog Riley, a big behemoth of a boxer, I had to pay a check to the treasurer and fill out a paper registration. That was 10 years ago. We have not advanced since then, and it’s about time that dog license registration is at least done entirely online, at best automatic.

Additionally, dog licenses should be made to protect dogs and help their owners find them if they’re lost. Let’s stop dangling the tag in front and secure it to the collar so it never gets caught and poses a danger to the dog. This also lessens the likelihood of the tag being ripped off when the dog is running through debris.

Lastly, there should be a contact phone number on the tag – at least for the Treasurer’s Office, and at best for the county non-emergency number.

I’ve met plenty of pooches on the campaign trail, and can’t wait to meet more at your door. Learn more about my plan on being your Dog-Friendly Treasurer by clicking here.