Former Speaker of the House and long-time legislator Keith McCall has endorsed Jake Miller for Cumberland County Treasurer.

Regarding the endorsement, McCall said:

“Jake is a public servant because that’s all his family knows. His mother, a banker and now office manager for a district magistrate, his father, a volunteer firefighter, borough councilman and head of the planning commission, both set high standards for Miller’s future in public service. One only has to look at his background to see the apple did not fall from the tree. Following his parent’s example, Jake has dedicated himself to serving the community on so many fronts. He is an incredible teacher, a true public servant, goes above-and-beyond to show leadership, and knows how to get things done. It is with these tools, his background, due diligence and sense of purpose that Jake Miller will carry with him to effectively manage the office of Cumberland County Treasurer. I wholeheartedly endorse his candidacy.”

Jake Miller responded to the endorsement:

“Keith McCall is a man of action and service. If a citizen wanted something done, they knew just to stop into his office and he’d get the ball moving, largely because he surrounded himself with people who were just as community-minded as he is. Speaker McCall always asked the good questions, and that’s what continually earned his constituents’ respects in his home district. It was his work ethic and ability to build relationships across the aisle that earned him the distinction as our last Democratic Speaker of the State House and continual statesman. As your County Treasurer, I plan to hold office with the same sense of class and duty as Speaker McCall. I am honored and humbled to receive his endorsement.”

Jake Miller is the Democratic candidate for Cumberland County Treasurer. Miller is a Cumberland Valley teacher and former State Senate aide. He is an award-winning writer and speaker, a leader in his local education association, and actively involved at Trinity Lutheran Church in Camp Hill. Miller serves as Judge of Elections in Hampden Township, where Jake, his wife, and their two children call home.

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