As County Treasurer, Jake Miller will optimize our government’s costs and response time by targeting problems and inefficiencies and improving them for Cumberland County’s citizens.

Jake’s budget management experience leading the county’s second-largest education association allowed him to add more positions while reducing cost. Additionally, he worked diligently with other stakeholders to find “win-wins” in contract negotiations with the Cumberland Valley School District, reducing costs while increasing the benefits to employees on items such as a wellness program.

Jake will employ his leadership to build consensus in similar manners and put every tax dollar to work appropriately.

Yet, he still asks: “Is Cumberland County’s budget operating at full optimization?”

That’s a question Miller seeks to answer as Treasurer. He most certainly values the role and diligence of the office and its wonderful employees, and, as County Treasurer, Jake will seek ways to use their expertise and his vision to speed up and reduce the costs of government.


Let’s work together to make things run the best they can. That could mean online registration, bar codes or QR codes on documents, or providing auto-pay features on regular expenses.

He also plans to tour other County Treasurers’ offices – regardless of their political party – and adopt their best practices to best serve our community.