As County Treasurer, Jake Miller will ensure non-profits have access to small games as fundraisers while limiting access to full-fledged, addictive gambling.

50/50 and Small Games

As treasurer of his chapter of wrestling officials, Miller became familiar with the Small Games of Chance Act of 1988. He was limited in his use of 50/50 raffles and had to develop other ways to fully fund the chapter’s student-athlete scholarships. Most of all, he found many of his fellow non-profit treasurer colleagues did not know the law and how to benefit their organizations using it. Miller pledges to educateĀ Cumberland County’s non-profit entities serving the community on how to make the most of this opportunity to benefit their organization and, thus, providing additional income to the County.

Limiting Full-Fledged Gaming

In a similar vein, Miller seeks to limit full-fledged gaming in Cumberland County. This is a rising concern to many in the community, as convenience stores are given the green light to add $5 slot machines. Jake has watched family and friends struggle with several types of addiction, including gambling, and knows that the costs to families outweigh the benefits. Gaming expansion without a long-term plan can drastically change the community in which it takes place. He vows to operate the county with the integrity to put the needs of our citizens above an “easy dollar.”