As County Treasurer, Jake Miller will work to ensure that the office serves its citizens as an arm of the Commonwealth, but will lead as well:

Free Hunting & Fishing Licenses for Veterans

One thing Pennsylvanians are known for is both hunting and serving in the United States Armed Forces. Jake’s brother is a 100% disabled veteran who would have to pay $2.90 each annually for a hunting or fishing license. This is something he can afford, but Jake says it’s about more – “it’s about dignity.” As County Treasurer, Jake Miller will build consensus with non-profit organizations to provide disabled veterans with a complimentary hunting and/or fishing license to provide all military personnel with such, as they’ve already paid enough with their service.

Chasing Down Lost Revenue in Hotel Taxes

It’s no joke that the gig-economy has changed the way business is done. But that doesn’t excuse those who rent their homes on Airbnb from not paying their taxes. What’s frustrating is this issue has plagued the county for years. On the other end, owners who rent using AirBnB say there could be improved communication between the corporation and the courthouse. As Treasurer, Jake has a solution: he will sit down with the other 66 County Treasurers to build a program to streamline this issue, but also will advocate with the County Tourism office to hold workshops for owners interested in renting out their home in such a matter, creating a win-win-win for owners, visitors, and taxpayers of Cumberland County.

Piloting a Traveling Treasurer Program

With the intense amount of travel time that it takes to get from one end of Cumberland County to the other, Jake would like to explore the possibilities of a “traveling treasurer” pilot, where he could set up shop at several of the further-away municipalities to cut down on travel time to the Courthouse. With the amount of paperwork the office processes, it could prove valuable to bring the government to the people of the community than to expect the opposite to occur.