Did you know that the County Treasurer is responsible for issuing dog license tags?

Better yet, have you looked at what a Cumberland County dog license tag looks like?

Jake Miller finds that they are “too basic” and are due for an upgrade. As County Treasurer, he will work to use his office to reduce the worry of proud dog owners through more effective government. Additionally, dog tags that hang in front can prove to be dangerous for dogs.


As dogs are increasingly considered part of our families, they should be protected with all available resources.

Miller proposes adding the Treasurer’s office number to license tags so that people can reach the records of his office in a time of need. Additionally, Miller will provide county emergency response access to his office’s dog owner information to expedite the return of a lost dog. This will reduce the need (and cost) for municipal police in such a search, freeing them to focus on other pressing matters. More importantly, this will ease the worry of dog owners missing their precious pets.

Additionally, dog tags should be sold with holes on two sides and hang tight against the collar, preventing them from being pulled off or from causing the dog possible harm.

In the long-term, Jake will work with the other 67 County Treasurers and the PA Dept. of Agriculture to move all dog license applications from PDFs to online and, if possible, automatic after the adoption or purchase of a dog.

As County Treasurer, Jake Miller will also encourage all owners to have all their dogs licensed, holding information drives across Cumberland County to increase the number of registered dogs, increasing both the accountability and funds of local government.