As County Treasurer, Jake Miller will educate and empower our citizens by communicating our budget. This can include open forums and community presentations, as well as disclosing online what Cumberland County does with your money.

You’ve probably asked yourself, “what does a County Treasurer even do?”

His response has been, “do you know how much our county’s budget is? Or how our tax dollars are being spent?” He has yet to meet someone who can provide an honest answer. That’s a problem.

In the past, we relied on local media to inform us about our local government. As our local news sources diminish, our government has not stepped up to fill the gap and keep citizens informed.


We need to counter the rapid decrease in local government media coverage with transparency and communication. As newsrooms across America close their doors and lay off reporters, we know less about the actions and expenditures of our local government than ever. This lack of coverage has proven to make many local governments more expensive and prone to corruption.

As County Treasurer, Jake Miller will regularly disclose the financial health of the county to hold him – and all our elected officials – accountable to you, the taxpaying citizens.

  1. By working with the Controller and Director of Finance to build a team effort for taxpayers.
  2. Releasing Treasurer’s Reports and making them easily accessible online.
  3. The long-term goal of converting the budget into a clickable infographic, customizable by date and department.