As you’re reading this, you’re probably warm under a blanket, looking out the window at the frost and planning your beautiful sunny day. My son, who just turned 4 yesterday, is at a party with friends from Trinity Lutheran Church in Camp Hill.

I’m not there. Instead, I’m fueled up for another day of canvassing.

Yesterday, I knocked doors in Lemoyne with Jean Foschi, candidate for County Commissioner. I met voters who had been following the race. For others, this was the first they thought of it. We had some great conversations and tough questions which we were glad to engage in.

Jake with his candidate certificate – his first official photo of the campaign

Afterward, I walked the very first beat of my campaign: 39th Street in Hampden Township, where I acquired my first signatures back in February. I began at Door #1 of this campaign, and the couple opened the door and accepted me like a prodigal son who returned 9 months later.

It’s hard to believe, but that’s how long we’ve conducted this campaign. One of my friends has called this “the longest job interview of all time.” Now we’re just 3 days short of Election Day.

When I returned home after celebrating my son’s birthday at Jubilee Cake Studio in Mechanicsburg (what a great local business), I had several emails and letters to read:

  • One from a former student who said he’s excited to cast his very first vote for me
  • Another from a Republican Trump supporter who said she’s been following my campaign and liked my ideas
  • And one from someone who I met at their door, shared how she’d grown disillusioned with politics – but our conversation encouraged her and her husband to re-engage
  • Among a few others that helped to further inspire me

Today, I take that energy to Silver Spring Township with Michael Fedor, candidate for County Commissioner. I plan to keep it going tomorrow as I round home (literally and figuratively) in Hampden Township (with Nicole Miller for CV School Board) and getting out the vote in Carlise on Monday.

The next day, the job interview ends.

I have made plenty of friends while running these past 9 months. I have hopefully made them (and you) proud of this race we’ve run. From Day 1, I’ve wanted to focus on the issues, stand up for what I’ve thought was right, and run for – and not against – something or someone.

In case you’d like to fold up the blanket and join me, your help these last few days will help continue to fuel me. I may have knocked thousands of doors this campaign, but there are always thousands more.

If not, I hope I’ve shown my mettle as a candidate to earn your vote this Tuesday.