I’ve spent a good amount of time at meetings, parties, and canvassing these past few weeks. No matter who I speak to, regardless of what “letter” appears after their name, one thing remains consistent: Cumberland County citizens expect the same of their quality of government as they do their quality of teachers. That involves:

  • Communication – I’ve long thought that those seeking answers should be provided them instead of expected to find them. I’ve done this as a community servant, sharing countless pieces of information with parents, colleagues, and citizens alike by simply sharing the hard decisions. I will continue to do that as your treasurer.
  • Accountability – Americans simply want their elected leaders to say “the buck stops here.” That’s manning up when things go wrong and celebrating the victories when they are there. We have much to celebrate here in Cumberland County, but we have so much more to consider as we grow at an exponential rate. It’s without question that we need to have a long-term vision that encourages this accountability
  • Service – the work never is done alone; instead it’s a team effort. After shoveling the walks this morning, I wondered… “where and when do we stop shoveling?” I have a few older neighbors, so I often take my line to the end of the block. If we only ever keep in our lane, we only ever keep in our lane.
  • An eye to the future – teachers and government servants need to envision the prize not just in 2019, but in 2029 and 2099. Long after we’re gone, the influence of public servants – whether at the front of the classroom or elected – remains for generations to come. Without some bold decisions, Theodore Roosevelt wouldn’t have created our National Park system and Lyndon Johnson wouldn’t have signed the Civil Rights Act of 1965. The unpopular move at the time had such high dividends down the line. It’s time to have the same expectation of our community’s leaders.

As I continue to knock doors and meet folks, I’ll continue to keep these commonalities in mind. I’m Jake Miller, and I’m running for Cumberland County Treasurer.