Jake Miller has called Shippensburg, Mechanicsburg, Upper Allen, and Hampden Townships his home. At each stop, his life’s work was to serve citizens in a bipartisan and non-partisan manner and to connect the area’s rich history with its vibrant future.


As an American history teacher, Miller teaches how Cumberland County’s people have made their mark in history. Whether creating the Constitution and Bill of Rights, growing our nation and economy, turning the tide of the Civil War, or driving the future of America on their hard work into the 20th and 21st centuries, Cumberland County has exemplified community spirit throughout its history.

Folks here have plenty to be proud of, and Jake will continue to honor our rich heritage by joining all the unofficial historians and our senior residents who have served as pillars of Cumberland County, making it a great place to live, work, and raise a family for generations.


With approximately 250,000 residents, Cumberland County is one of the smaller third-class counties in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, but it is one of the best places for opportunity. A cause and effect of financial growth is our booming population, bringing new people and new demands of our local government. Visionary long-term planning needs to guide us there.

Operating a financially-sound budget that meets the needs of our citizenry must be a true priority of our community. As County Treasurer, he will pursue government that’s more transparent and accountable.

Miller knows that much of the county’s budget is based on grants from Harrisburg. He has a working relationship with all our members of the state legislature, and he plans to continue collaborating with them to fully fund state-mandated services with the resources necessary to properly serve Cumberland County’s citizens.

Jake looks to join our senior citizens and other pillars of our community to guide our next generation, ensuring Cumberland County is a just as great a place to call home in the centuries to come.