About Mr. Miller


Mr. Jake Miller is an award-winning social studies teacher from Central Pennsylvania. Miller has taught all grade levels 6-12 and all the core subjects (math, science, reading, English, and social studies), but when asked what he teaches, he says “kids.”

Mr. Jake Miller speaks with student and award-winner Purva Dave during the inaugural Central Penn Twenty Under 20 award ceremony

Some of Miller’s classroom achievements include launching a Veterans Day program at his school, teaching students about the judicial process through mock trials, having students engage in rap battles, taking students to various trips around the world, and launching one of Pennsylvania’s most successful National History Day programs.

Mr. Miller’s awards include:

  • James F. Harris History PA Teacher of the Year
  • National History PA Teacher of the Year
  • Pennsylvania Teacher of the Year Semi-Finalist
  • NEA Foundation Global Fellow to China
  • Normandy: Sacrifice for Freedom Scholar
  • 2-Time Scholastic Writing National Gold Teacher
  • Cumberland Valley Commitment to Excellence
Miller’s second book, which he co-wrote with other writers from TheEducatorsRoom.com


Miller is a prolific writer of education- and community-related topics. He has authored more than 300 articles that have appeared in various periodicals across the world. Some selected pieces are:

Additionally, Mr. Miller has used his writing of creative lessons to launch a successful TeachersPayTeachers store, as well as being employed by Pearson to launch their 2020 Election Learning module.


Mr. Jake Miller shares his stories with the audience at the NEA Foundation’s Gala

Mr. Jake Miller’s newest venture is speaking in the public forum. While running for office and teaching, Miller logs thousands of public speaking hours annually. His most recent speaking engagements have been “How My Teachers Saved My Life” and “Three Mics: the Hilarious, Harrowing, and Inspiring Stories of a Teacher”

Community Builder.

Miller’s longest venture is serving as a civic model for his students. This began at Bloomsburg University, where he led a voter registration movement that subsequently elected college students to the town council and another as mayor. As a Democrat staffer working for the Republican Senate, he put people over politics as he worked with educational stakeholders updating Megan’s Law, helping to put sex offenders behind bars.

Since stepping to the front of the classroom, Miller has continued to be involved in the community. His involvement includes:

Mr. Jake Miller testifying before the PA House of Representatives