About Jake Miller

Authenticity. Accountability.

Does it seem like politicians could use a lesson on these American values? Then elect Jake Miller as Cumberland County Treasurer, because he is ready to lead on principle.

Jake Miller is an award-winning history and math teacher who has an eye on Cumberland County’s future. A published author, motivational speaker, and community leader, Jake is actively involved in many organizations. Jake is seeking the job of County Treasurer to educate the public on the role of local government – especially how it collects and spends its dollars – while raising accountability through transparency. Jake is eager to take on the responsibilities of County Treasurer, which he believes should be a job focused on working with and helping people, which is his passion.

Miller says, “As your County Treasurer, I will focus on the financial foresight and sincere service Cumberland County deserves. I look forward to meeting you and earning your vote.”

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Community Builder

Jake Miller testifying before the PA House of Representatives

Jake Miller says, “Integrity and service are part of my family’s DNA. I learned the importance of community service from my EMT and firefighting father, court magistrate manager mother, and three younger brothers who serve as a community web developer, police officer, and member of the United States Air Force, respectively. Like many in your family, they set a high bar for us all to reach.”

Jake’s sense of service began at Bloomsburg University, where he was the first in his family to earn a college degree. Yet he soon found many of the best lessons were learned outside the classroom. Early on in his college career, he led a movement to register thousands of students to vote and subsequently elect a college student as mayor. He helped negotiate a contract for the university’s food service workers. As a Democrat, he served as an aide in the Republican Senate by working on an upgrade of Megan’s Law, prioritizing people over party and helping to put sex offenders behind bars. This path led him on a scholarship to the H. J. Heinz School of Government at Carnegie Mellon University, where he planned to study public policy.

Jake Miller speaks with student and award-winner Purva Dave during the inaugural Central Penn Twenty Under 20 award ceremony

Community Leader

However, Jake gave up that opportunity and instead pivoted to the classroom, because, as he said, “It called him more loudly.” He left his life in politics to empower our young citizens. He began by teaching government in his hometown of Jim Thorpe before moving to Cumberland Valley School District to serve as a math teacher.

Jake holds an educational leadership degree at Shippensburg University, was president of the second-largest education association in the county, led a statewide movement in the Pennsylvania Teachers Advisory Committee, hosted political debates in 2016 and 2017, chaired the 2018 Call Committee at Trinity Lutheran Church of Camp Hill, and served as a fundraiser for the Special Olympics.

Miller is a prolific writer of education and public policy, leading him into motivational speaking – primarily for students, teachers, and other residents of Cumberland County.

Jake Miller has earned several state and national teaching awards, but his proudest accomplishments are decreasing the time students spent in standardized testing by testifying to the State House of Representatives and appearing on television in opposition to legislation that would allow the arming of teachers. In both circumstances, he was an integral part of enacting common-sense measures that required consensus and accountability.

After nearly 20 years of building community, Miller reflects: “I have taught thousands of our kids in a variety of subjects, but most notably, perhaps, I have shared my belief that the best lessons revolve around the core principles I have learned over the years: True community servants work to empower others.”

He does all this so that he and Devin, his wife of 6 years, can provide a future where their happy, young boys, ages 1 and 3, will be able to embody our community’s shared values and chase their version of the American dream.

Jake and Devin Miller with their boys, the cutest mascots in Cumberland County, Halloween 2018.

Community Steward

One of Jake Miller’s favorite community services has been officiating sports. Jake has visited every municipality and high school in the county, raising hands on the wrestling mat in your local gym and calling balls and strikes on the baseball diamond down the road from your house. He maintained this “officiating” mindset when elected Judge of Elections. He took pride in the duty of ensuring that the votes were collected and counted honestly and ethically. He has enjoyed each of these roles because he is expected to rise above heated issues with integrity and fidelity to serve the community-at-large. Jake notes, “I am looking forward to seeing all of my friends again on the campaign trail and sharing the importance of being authentic and accountable in working to manage our citizens’ tax dollars.”

“As your County Treasurer, I will serve our community with the financial foresight and sincere service it deserves.”